What I've Been Doing This Summer

Hi everyone, it’s Erikka. 

 three kids wading in the water at the beach
Family trip to the beach
I am having an awesome summer so far and I hope you are too. 

I have been super busy. First, my friends, family and I did the 2K Bark in the Park walk for Greenhill Humane Society here in Eugene. This was a lot of fun because I got to go up on stage and judge a contest for different categories of dogs such as the fluffiest dog. I also got to help with a frisbee catching contest where some amazing dogs (and their humans) did some really cool frisbee tricks. 

Capitol in Washington DC
Capitol in Washington D.C.
Right when school got out, I had a wonderful opportunity to take a trip to Washington DC and New York with my fifth-grade teacher and some classmates. We had so much fun, but it was fast paced and exhausting, I think I slept an entire week after getting back home.

Giant Panda in bamboo field.
Giant Panda at the National Zoo
While there, we got to see the National Zoo, the Smithsonian Museum, Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Capital building, two great plays, Times Square, the Empire State Building, and Ellis Island, just to name a few. We visited way more than this too and I loved all of it.

One of my family’s goals this summer was to travel around and find new things to love about Oregon. We have been to so many amazing places like down to Bandon to the Wild Game Park, out to Bend to the High Desert Museum, up to Portland to Powell’s Books and the zoo, and everywhere in between.
Me and a llama

One of my favorite activities so far is the Wild Girl’s nature camp that I am doing this week with Whole Earth Nature School. I love the outdoors and getting to hang out with so many really nice people. 

We still have a month left of summer before school starts and I plan on cramming in as much as I can.

Me with my brother and sister.
Happy Summer!



  1. Hello Erika and Family! I wanted to invite Erika to be in the Eugene Pet Promenade on Sept 22nd! I also wanted to speak with her about helping me create the Reading to Dogs program at Greenhill. I can not find your # so please email me at megan@green-hill.org or call me at 541.689.1503 ext 134 !


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