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My visit to Prairie Mountain School

Hi, everyone! It’s Erikka, and April 3rd was incredible!
I went over to Prairie Mountain School to explain the Kid Governor program and convince them to hopefully have a candidate next year. I also helped create posters. I gave a speech and answered a few questions. Some kids immediately took interest in the program and several kids had plans of what they wanted to do. One girl wanted to only have four days of school each week, and some other kids wanted to help stop cancer.
Before the speech, I also made posters with a few fourth and fifth graders. I encouraged the fourth graders to think about what their platform would be and how they would achieve their goal. They had some very interesting ideas!

I really enjoyed my visit to Prairie Mountain School in the Bethel District. It was a very fun day. It was also my first school trip, so hopefully the other ones will be just as amazing!

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