Kid’s Day at the Capitol

It was certainly a busy day at our state capitol on Monday, February 18th. My parents and I met our State Archivist, Mary Beth Herkert, and went to a table that was set up for us. My mission was to raise awareness about the Oregon Kid Governor program and encourage 3rd and 4th grade students to run for Kid Governor when they become 5th graders. We gave out pencils, brochures, activity packets, pins and buttons. We also distributed papers that students could fill out explaining what they would do if they were elected Oregon Kid Governor.

It was very crowded at the capitol that day. There were several rallies happening. The biggest one was the teacher rally supporting increased funding for schools. They were mostly dressed in red shirts and had buttons encouraging our legislators to provide more money for public education.

Even though the surroundings were loud and full of energy, a few kids did come to my table and they really enjoyed learning about the program.

Signing off for now,

—Erikka Baldwin


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