Delta Kappa Gamma State Convention

Hi everyone! It’s Erikka. April 4th was an amazing day for me!

I was invited to participate in a literacy event at the Delta Kappa Gamma State Convention in Salem. Delta Kappa Gamma is an honorary teacher’s organization. It was so nice that they wanted me to represent the Kid Governor Program.

After a long drive, my family and I finally made it to the hotel we were going to for the meeting. Dom, his family, and Mary Beth Herkert, the State Archivist, and my school librarian were also there.

After a long wait in the lobby, we decided to go check out a dinosaur activity that was set up for children. We all got cookies and some nice, cold water and then it was finally time for the actual meeting.

We walked to the stage area, and Dom, Mary Beth, and I got seats on the stage with some other people who would be speaking. After everyone spoke, it was time for Dom and I to speak. Dom decided to do his speech first, and then I had to do my speech. The problem was, nobody had told me that I had to do a speech, so I didn’t have one planned. I think I am beginning to feel a lot more comfortable in my role as Oregon Kid Governor!

Everyone at the convention was so nice and I was glad to have the opportunity to share my platform with teachers from all over the state!

After I was done giving my speech, my family and I had to go home because it was getting pretty late. So after our goodbyes, we left.

Signing off for now,
Erikka Baldwin


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