My visit to KOIN TV

Hi Everyone, It's Erikka!

On March 20th I went over to the Koin TV station and it was incredible! I got to do several very fun things that I couldn’t do otherwise! While I was there, I got to help run the station. I was allowed to press the buttons I was told to press in order to keep the station running. After that, I went to see the stage where I would be interviewed. I finally got to do my interview, and met a dog named Tori, who needed a home. I got to talk about her and hold her while I did my interview. Tori is a terrier mix. She is very kind and friendly, but she is a little skittish and needs another dog to keep her calm. She was rescued from a high-kill shelter and I hope she gets adopted soon!

After I was done with the interview, I got to help with the weather. This was very fun. I was able to point to the different days and what temperature and weather they would be. It was a little difficult because I had to use a green screen and I couldn’t see what I was pointing to.

I really enjoyed this day and I hope Tori gets adopted!

Signing off for now,
Erikka Baldwin


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